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Senior Visual Designer, Art Director

May 2016 to Current

In 2016 I joined a compact, dynamic, and talented group of master-makers, developers, engineers, designers, and teachers in a specialized team at Microsoft: The Education Workshop. Tasked with building affordable inquiry and project-based activities for middle school students, we eliminate obstacles to empower classrooms in breaching the tech divide and access the magic of STEM learning. In this context I was freed to vigorously exercise a wide range of skills; from the hands-on designing of miniature paper solar houses and bionic gloves, to overseeing the birth and evolution of an impactful sub-brand. From creating a full-scale website to house a complex monthly curriculum release, to designing digital gauges and scientific measurement devices to monitor seismic activity in Excel. From there, I joined the Windows Design Group support team as Art Director and Visual Designer. Today you will find me on Brand & Communications with the Cognition AI Ethics + Society, as a Senior Visual Designer.

Principal, Designer & Consultant
Vein Branding + Design


Vein Branding is the slow cooker where my personal passions intermingle with my design work. Dedicated to a small group of carefully curated clients, the focus is on controlled expansion of these extraordinary boutique brands, services, and products. In this context, I frequently work with my gifted sister, Leah V. Chappell, an artist, illustrator, and typographer, along with a team of rotating freelance designers and developers. The range of services provided is broad and requires me to be limber, which is just how I like it. On any given day you can find me designing a website, coordinating the production of a stick-and-peel patch, presenting a social media strategy, scheduling a MailChimp campaign, or chasing down a lost Instagram account. It's all for the greater good. 

Brand Guardian and Lead Designer
Brown Paper Tickets

 April 2011 to July 2014

When Brown Paper Tickets asked me to come on board in 2011, I was thrilled. Equipped with only a recently re-designed logo that I adored, the company was in need of extensive brand overhauling. A fiercely independent and somewhat rebellious company, this anti-establishment identity was visible in prior design work, almost to a fault. The website, marketing collateral, and the digital media called out for galvanization. Drawing from a bold and unique logo and niche color scheme, I spent the next three years conceptualizing, designing, and producing an arsenal of brand assets. In this capacity, I was able to further develop a plethora of skills and gain knowledge about norms and best practices for everything from digital media strategy to responsive web design and a not-just-for-profit company. With the design of a comprehensive set of guidelines and a systemic approach to the creation of marketing assets, we successfully produced an authentic, highly identifiable, and well-received public face.


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