Karen M. Chappell


Karen Chappell in London UK

In the beginning...

There was mint-green salt dough, fuchsia velour jumpsuits, and monochromatic damask wallpaper. Ornate foliage-like shapes of ivory and cream anointed the foyer. I would trace the shapes of those forms over and over again, struggling to imagine how any person could've made such a perfect pattern. I plucked and ate the tiny lavender chive blossoms that sprinkled the back garden of our colonial revival house. The lofty old trees shaded my childhood and served as quiet observers, keepers of so many secrets. I marveled at the craftsmanship of our spiral staircase, the green shutters that framed the many panes of the century-old windows, and the concord grape vines as they wound around the rickety beams of a dilapidated out-building... Spiral tendrils slowly reaching and pulling it down, the chalky and burnished orbs hanging in clusters with such abandon. I loved the quiet elegance and decadence of nature, particularly when it collided with man-made objects. I didn't know that like that vine, my life would be full of twists and turns, bearing fruit at times, and laying dormant at others. I didn't know about hard pruning. But I did know this - even then; I lived to experience beauty. 

My life is design and business is my passion. Recognizing patterns and understanding the power of form in impacting the human experience, particularly on an emotional level, is an ongoing and exhilirating adventure for me. My door is always open to those committed to integrity, ingenuity, and beauty. There are no limits my friends. Let's fly.